About Us

The North Texas Speculative Fiction Workshop (NTSFW.com) focuses on writing speculative fiction for publication. We are a free, open to the public, writer’s workshop that meets monthly on the 2nd Saturday of the month at the Hurst Barnes & Noble Bookstore at 6pm. Our members are both beginners and published.
 ntsfw meeting

Requirements for membership:

  • Write speculative fiction
  • Write to be published in today’s market
  • Attend & participate at (most) monthly meetings
  • Be willing to be critiqued and learn
  • Be respectful


None, though we do accept contributions for various projects.

See our Join Us page for more information on location, dates, and times.

In 2003, the founders of NTSFW-Pat, Shawn, & Rick (also members of the DFW Writers Workshop) realized the need for a speculative fiction-specific workshop where the authors understood the spec fic genre’s tropes. We began meeting in members’ homes until Barnes & Noble graciously offered their space for our monthly meetings. After the workshop, we usually end up at BJ’s across the parking lot.

 Some months have 5pm Mini-Classes with guest speakers. Please check our calendar at http://www.meetup.com/ntsfwdotcom/ for updates.
Website: www.ntsfw.com