SACRIFICES, available July 19!


Jamie Schutlz‘ latest book, SACRIFICES, the third book in the Arcane Underworld series, will be available July 19th!

SACRIFICES by Jamie Schultz“Thanks to their recent involvement with a magus crimelord and his demonic partner in mayhem, occult thieves Anna Ruiz and Karyn Ames are both stuck sharing head space with a demon. But while Karyn’s possession has had the unexpected benefit of focusing her visions of the future, Anna’s demon is spurring on her darkest urges, and it’s only a matter of time before she acts on them—and hurts someone in the process.

To save their skins, the two need to find a mysterious relic. But with their search taking them into some of the darkest places in the arcane underworld, Anna and Karyn will have to ally themselves with a group no self-respecting thief would be caught dead with—the Federal Bureau of Investigation…”

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SACRIFICES available in July


NTSFW member Jamie Schultz has a new book coming out July 2016!SACRIFICES by Jamie Schultz


Publisher’s Weekly says: Schultz continues his outstanding Arcane Underworld urban fantasy/horror series, set in a demon-infested version of present-day L.A., with this lively and gripping third installment, which begins immediately after the horrific carnage that ended Splintered.”

In 2015, he published SPLINTERED:

“Anna Ruiz is on a mission: Help her friend and partner-in-crime Karyn Ames break free of the tangle of hallucinations and premonitions that have cut her off from reality. With the aid of her crew—ex-soldier Nail SPLINTERED by Jamie Schultz due out July 7 2016and sorcerer Genevieve—she’ll do whatever it takes to get Karyn help, even if it means tracking down every lowlife informant and back alley magic practitioner in the occult underworld of Los Angeles.

But since a magical heist went to hell, the crew has been working for crimelord and doomed magus Enoch Sobell. Between fighting Sobell’s battles with some seriously scary demonic forces and tangling with a group of violent fanatics who want to manipulate Karyn’s abilities for their own gains, Anna, Nail, and Genevieve are beginning to realize they’re in way over their heads.

And now that Karyn’s secret about seeing the future is out, even more unpleasant parties—human and otherwise—are about to come knocking…”

PREMONITIONS by Jamie SchultzJamie’s first book, PREMONITIONS, was published July 2014.

“It’s the kind of score Karyn Ames has always dreamed of—enough to set her crew up pretty well and, more important, enough to keep her safely stocked on a very rare, very expensive black market drug. Without it, Karyn hallucinates slices of the future until they totally overwhelm her, leaving her unable to distinguish the present from the mess of certainties and possibilities yet to come.”

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New book by Laura Maisano


Laura Maisano’s latest book is out! NTSFW author Laura Maisano

Unity: Illirin Book Two

The fires in Illirin have died down, and the survivors are suffering under Emperor Nor’s tyranny. Unfortunately, Illirin isn’t the only world in danger of oppression. Nor’s pet wizard, Matt, has issued an insane ultimatum to Earth’s world leaders. Now Gabe and Lea are running out of time. Again.

For the past three months, Gabe has taken refuge on Earth with Lea. He’s broken and grieving, but he’s got to pull himself together to save those he left behind. Meanwhile, Lea prays Merlin’s prophecy of becoming powerful will come true. She’s busted her butt practicing her newfound magic. Too bad for her, she still sucks at it. Matt has had a lifetime to master his gift, and she’s fated to face him? Merlin must’ve made a mistake. 

UNITY: Illirin: Book Two Kindle EditionTogether, Gabe and Lea go to Illirin hoping to locate help, but the Winged survivors won’t aid Gabe, who they hold responsible for their losses. While short on friends and adding new enemies, Gabe and Lea must find a way to defeat Nor and stop Matt’s plan. Failure could mean being torn apart, the Winged hunted to extinction, and Earth at the mercy of a wizard bent on domination.

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Don’t forget book one: SCHISM: ILLIRIN BOOK ONE

Learn more at Laura’s Author Page.




New book by D L Young


Our former member, but always a member in our hearts, D. L. Young, has a new book out: Soledad, Dark Republic Book One by D L Young


In the squalid aftermath of a collapsed nation, rival factions wage vicious battles over territory and precious resources, killer drones fly overhead in search of prey, and everyday life is a desperate scramble for survival.

Welcome to the Republic of Texas.

D L YoungRead more about D. L. Young and his books at

Congrats David!