Our panels at ALL-Con

All-Con.org has graciously allowed NTSFW to host several panels at their convention March 17-20 in Dallas:

Genre Writing
Lavon (Thursday) 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM (Rated: Everyone)

Writing Steamy Steampunk
Degoyer (Thursday) 12:00 PM – 12:45 PM (Rated: Everyone)

Worldbuilding Wizardry
Bachman (Friday) 12:00 PM – 12:45 PM (Rated: Everyone)

Urban Fantasy
Travis (Saturday) 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM (Rated: Everyone)

Writing Steamy Steampunk
Degoyer (Sunday) 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM (Rated: Everyone)

See you there!

Contest: Texas Writers Journal

Texas Writers Journal Competition

Enter to win up to $300
Enter short works of fiction, non-fiction and poetry for a chance to be published and win up to $300.

Always accepting submissions. Deadline for next Reader Panel Review:


Published! Todd Glasscock’s “About Jake”

NTSFW member Todd Glasscock revealed his latest publication at Bewildering Stories:

About Jake

“About Jake” by Todd Glasscock — “Our baby has slipped into a coma.” I stared at a stain on the waiting room floor. “Van? Van! Did you even hear me?”

Published! Kendall Furlong

NTSFW member Kendall Furlong has a short story published at Kendall FurlongEvery Day Fiction:

The Counselor

or go to:


Kendall Furlong says: “First, I’m an old guy trying to reinvent himself. Some consternation goes with being referred to as elderly by the set closer to diapers than to me, but though fatal the condition allowed me to retire and pursue the dream of writing. I’ve written one confessions novel (which will remain unpublished), several short stories including a couple of contest winners, and am working on two longer works, a mystery novel and speculative fiction piece set in the near future.”

Meeting Sat Oct 10

Don’t forget to upload your submissions and critiques!

Alley will present a mini-class at 5pm, workshop starts at 6pm at the Hurst Barnes & Noble Bookstore (See our Join Us page for more info).

After workshop, we’ll mosey across the parking lot to BJs for dinner and talk.

See you there!

Fencon Fun

Don’t know about you but I had a blast at this year’s Fencon. Took my grandsons and my son (unpaid help :)). Loved seeing you there. Here’s a few pix. We’ll set up a gallery soon. Alley

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